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Project Page in Github Page

It’s very to create the web page for your new repository under your mainpage. Here, I record the procedure.

Create a New Reposity

  • You can easily create a new reposity in Github. At the left bottom corner of the main page of github, you can find your repositories. A “New reposity” button is there!
  • Enter the name, describe your project, and choose whether create .gitingore file and license file. Then, create the new project.
  • Copy the SSH address of your project, and git clone git@github.com:username/projectname.git clone the project with its address to local. It’s not nessessary.

Create a gh-pages branch

  • The most easy way is to create the branch gh-pages online as the figure shown above. Enter the new name and github will remind you to create a new branch for it.
  • You can also do that in command line by git: git checkout --orphan gh-pages, it will create a new branch without parent. If you want to create a blank branch only contains the project page, you can git rm -rf . to delete all the current files. I don’t think it’s nessesary indeed. It only need you to have a branch called gh-pages, that’s enough. git push -u origin gh-pages to create your branch on remote.
  • You can also change the default branch to gh-pages on repository setting. It will help you to change to gh-pages when you clone the repository.

Create the page on gh-pages branch

  • To create a simple index.html file online/on git is easy. But don’t fancy.
  • Use Jekyll! Yes, you can copy the jekyll needed files from your mainpage to the project page, such as _config.yml file, _layouts, _includes directory and even .gitignore CNAME 404.md files when you need. Because Jekyll need them to help you to convert markdown file to a page. If you don’t copy these from your mainpage repository, the markdown file doesn’t work at all!
  • CSS/JS files don’t need to be copied. Because the page can use them as its mainpage.
  • Now you can visit http://username.github.io/projectname to visit the project page!


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