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Github Jekyll自定义404页面(MD方式)

Custom 404 Pages with Jekyll markdown style

  • It’s very easy. Just create a file named 404.md or 404.html on the root directory of your homepage.
  • Surely, we need to make it more interesting:
title: 404
layout: page

<script language="JavaScript"> function myrefresh(){window.location="/";}setTimeout('myrefresh()',5000);</script>

## Error 404. Nothing was found :(   

How did you get to this link?

Please go to [homepage](/) or email me:


## The page will redirect to the homepage after 5 seconds.....

  • Here, I use my template “page” layout for it, similar to my homepage.
  • The javascript will refresh the 404 page after 5 second and redirect it to my homepage.
  • You can change window.location="/" to window.history.back(), which could be back to the previous site.
  • Below it’s something you want to say~

Hey, see the result here: My 404

Ref2 Yi Zeng also told you a method to create a 404.html page and use redirection in head of html. You can read it. But I recommand my method, it’s easy and could retain you homepage style easily :)


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