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Definition and Usage

The simpleContent element contains extensions or restrictions on a text-only complex type or on a simple type as content and contains no elements.

Element Information

  • Parent elements: complexType


any attributes



(The ? sign declares that the element can occur zero or one time inside the simpleContent element)

Attribute Description
id Optional. Specifies a unique ID for the element
any attributes Optional. Specifies any other attributes with non-schema namespace

Example 1

Here is an example of an XML element (<shoesize>) that contains text-only:

<shoesize country="france">35</shoesize>

The following example declares a complexType, "shoesize", with its content defined as a integer data type and with a country attribute:

<xs:element name="shoesize">
      <xs:extension base="xs:integer">
        <xs:attribute name="country" type="xs:string" />

XML Schema Reference Complete XML Schema Reference

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