<AppML> Tutorial


Rapid and Easy

Web Development

What is <AppML>?

<AppML> is an application development framework, consisting of: 

  • An XML language for defining application models
  • A JavaScript running in the browser
  • A PHP or ASP script running on the server

AppML stands for Application Modeling Language.

Very Easy to Learn

  • Super-Simple Modeling
  • Super-Simple Prototyping
  • Super-Simple Application Development
  • Runs in any Browser on any Platform
  • Easy Installation

Only HTML, JavaScript, and XML

All <AppML> needs, is a JavaScript in your HTML page, and an XML model stored on your server:

Your HTML Page:

<h1>My First Web Application</h1>

<div id="Place01">
<table id="Template01" class="appmltable">
<tr id="appml_row">

<script src="appml.js"></script>
app=new AppML("appml.aspx","Models/Customers");

Your XML Model:


  <sql>SELECT CustomerName,City,Country FROM Customers</sql>


Try it yourself »

Even if you have never worked web development before, you will find <AppML> very easy to use.

If you have previous experience with web development, using PHP, ASP, or ASP.NET, you will clearly see the benefits of using <AppML>.

Modern Web Architecture

<AppML> combines the most up-to-date techniques and ideas of modern web development, with focus on low cost, speed, and simplicity:

  • Service Oriented MVC Architecture
  • Extremely Low Bandwidth Consumption
  • Optimized for Cloud Computing
  • Full Separation of Content from Presentation
  • Intelligent, Agile, and Rapid Web Development
  • Highly Scalable and Testable
  • Easy Configuration and Reconfiguration
  • Smart Support for User Accounts and Roles

<Appml> History

In 1999 Refsnes Data developed the first version of AppML, an XML based language for defining Internet applications.

Already then, AppML was fully based on an HTTP request communication between the web client and the web server. Later this method became well known as AJAX.

In September 2000, a development project for a large Norwegian customer was started. The goal of the project was to convert a huge information system (about 300 applications) from a Windows desktop application to a modern Internet application, using AppML.

The new AppML-based system was launched in 2001, several months before schedule, as the world's first commercial AJAX application. The project was a huge success, with development time reduced by 75% compared to ordinary web development. Since then, hundreds of new applications have been added, and AppML now covers over 1000 running applications.

In December 2006, W3Schools decided to offer AppML to the public, as an open source product, free of charge.

In mid September 2007, the AppML content was taken offline, because it was only supported by Microsoft ASP and IE.

In October 2013, AppML was relaunced, as an open source product, compatible with all browsers, in both PHP and ASP.NET versions.

AppML's original design goals in 1999:

  • AppML applications must run over the Internet
  • AppML applications must be platform independent
  • AppML applications must use Internet standards only (HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML)
  • AppML applications must support a variety of application needs
  • AppML applications must be self-describing
  • AppML applications must be easy to develop, maintain and change
  • AppML applications must be future proof

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