ASP.NET Web Forms - Validation Controls

Validation server controls are used to validate user-input.

Validation Server Controls

A Validation server control is used to validate the data of an input control. If the data does not pass validation, it will display an error message to the user.

The syntax for creating a Validation server control is:

<asp:control_name id="some_id" runat="server" />

Validation Server Control Description
CompareValidator Compares the value of one input control to the value of another input control or to a fixed value
CustomValidator Allows you to write a method to handle the validation of the value entered
RangeValidator Checks that the user enters a value that falls between two values
RegularExpressionValidator Ensures that the value of an input control matches a specified pattern
RequiredFieldValidator Makes an input control a required field
ValidationSummary Displays a report of all validation errors occurred in a Web page

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